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Business & Transactional Law

Experienced business counsel

We are eager to help our clients in need of assistance with business and/or personal legal transactions. We want to provide you with answers and find the right solution for you!

Business Formation

Start a business

There are many options when starting a new business in Missouri. We will help you decide which type of business entity (LLC, LLP, Corporation, etc.) is most advantageous for your unique situation. Next, we will handle all the legal aspects of officially forming and registering your business with the state.


Drafting & review

We help clients in a variety of circumstances under which you would want a contract or other legal document reviewed or written by an attorney:
-Business wanting to create contracts, agreements, or other legal documents.
-Employees wanting to review or challenge an employer's contract.
-Consumers wanting to review or challenge terms of an agreement.

Intellectual Property

Protect ideas

If you own a business, you have unique intellectual property that identifies you from your competition. In addition to symbols and brand imagery, you may have methods and processes that serve as a market advantage. We can help you protect these ideas and methods from copycats and other would-be-violators.

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