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October 20, 2022

A Walkthrough of Estate Planning

What happens when you decide to get a Will, Trust, or other Estate Planning performed?

Step 1 – Initial consultation

-We discuss the client’s life, family, financial situation, and estate planning goals.

-An estate planning client doesn’t need to bring anything. Financial documents and summaries of assets can be helpful. Still, we tell clients not to worry if those things aren’t readily available.

Step 2 – Drafting of documents (performed by your attorney)

-Once we have determined the legal instruments that best achieve the client’s goals, we prepare the initial drafts.

-We send copies of these drafts to the client for their approval.

-We discuss any matters the client needs more time to consider. We also make any desired tweaks or changes.

Step 3 – Signing appointment

-We set a time for the client to come in and sign their estate planning documents.

-Missouri requires the presence of 2 witnesses (at least 18 years of age and not interested beneficiaries), which we provide.

-The signing is witnessed and certified by a notary (which we provide).

Step 4 – Storing your documents

-Clients should safely store their Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, or other estate planning documents.

-As a policy, our firm keeps copies of all documents for at least five years.

Step 5 – Periodic review

-One should periodically review their documents with an attorney and update them as needed.

-We recommend every 3-5 years or any time they experience a significant life change (marriage, divorce, acquisition of substantial property, etc.).

This article represents the opinion of the author and is intended for educational purposes. This article does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. One should always consult with an experienced attorney before making estate planning decisions.

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