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Why is Mediation Better than Litigation?

Avoiding litigation, through mediation, can benefit both parties financially and emotionally.

We streamline the process of conflict resolution for family law and civil disputes.

Mediation is less expensive.

When two (or more) parties decide to take their dispute to court, they both pay separate costs. Whether it be a divorce or a business dispute, litigation is expensive, and it ultimately shrinks the "pie" both parties are trying to divide.
With Mediation, the size of the pie is more effectively preserved.
Parties sharing the costs of mediation is dramatically less expensive than both sides paying for months of attorneys and court fees.

Mediation is faster.

Mediation typically lasts three half-day sessions (occasionally longer) scheduled at your convenience. Family/Civil courts can take months to schedule and even when you do get your day in court, either side can file motions or continuances that drag the dispute out for months or even years. The longer it takes, the larger the fee will be for each party's attorney. The "pie" gets smaller and smaller. Even a "win" in court, can feel like a loss compared to an efficient mediation.

Mediation is more flexible.

In litigation, the court system dictates the timing, legal rules and formalities of the hearing, and ultimately the final verdict. Your fate is surrendered to a judge or a jury.
In Mediation, the control is always in your hands. The timing and format of Mediation is flexible, and no decisions are made without your say and approval. 

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